Monday, October 27, 2008

Magic Spells (just in time for Hallowe'en...)

M U S Wooden Tag I C                            at symbol @
M A I Letter N on Glass (Takoma Park, MD)
This didn't work for me the first time I tried it...While exploring some of the Flickr-related mashups for JPL2.0, I used the speller at, but I couldn't get
the html code to copy/display properly. So I went on to create this kaleidoscope-type image of the Music@Main flyer on a different site, but then I lost the URL to that site... So I tried the spelling one again and it worked like, well, like a charm!


Anonymous said...

I clicked on the S with the wreath because I thought it looked sort of attractive. Since nothing immediately happened, I presume this spell has a time delay. Whatever happens (like my being arrested by the internet police for stealing links) will most likely be the result of your spell so please visit me when I am in internet jail. :)

Ed Lein said...

Just don't expect me to bring a haggis...