Sunday, December 7, 2008

#18: 1st Go with Zoho

Go ZOHO!  or  ZOHO shmo-ho?

This is my first go with Zoho Writer, and an immediate annoyance is with page set-up.  The margin settings are in percentages -- no one mentioned that there would be math ...   Why not use the more common inches (or centimeters for the rest of the world)?

Exactly what percentage of the height would you need to set the top and bottom margins to to get the same margin width as 10% of the width left and right margins?  Also, what happens with the actual margin size if you switch from portrait to landscape? The HELP info doesn't seem to care. This is all rhetorical so don't send me your worksheets, but I'm just saying... 

In actuality, it doesn't seem that changing the top and bottom margin settings makes any difference anyway--I haven't experimented with different settings enough to really know what's going on, but at first glance changing these settings doesn't seem to have an effect on printing anyway.

"Preview" and "Page View" seem to do the same thing and neither shows you how the printed page will really look--except, you can go directly to a PDF from "Page View" and see the page margins that way.  

But when you do either "Preview" or "Page View" there is no instruction on how to get back to the document to continue typing.  (All you have to do is to reopen the document, but until you figure this out, it seems like you're just stuck with what you have.)

However, that you have the option to export as PDF is fabulous.

Everything else seems good, too, and it's great that all these formatting features are available for free, and that you can allow collaborative editing online. 

The unlimited online storage will diminish to 1GB when the site finishes testing and goes commercial (at which point you can buy more storage), but even 1GB seems pretty good.  And it means Library customers who use it to type up a resumé can save it even though they never have a flash drive or disk ...

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