Thursday, December 11, 2008

#21 Personal. On. Demand.

'Nuff said...
Ask a Ninja
Well, probably not 'nuff to complete this exercise.

Didn't much care for the iTunes podcast directory. I googled "podcast directory" and tried and their listings for Jacksonville -- not too many, and the one I listened too had two brothers phoning it in--one in Hollywood (CA) and the other (the host) somewhere in New Jersey. What up?

Searched Google again for library podcasts--subscribed to something from the Library of Congress--it is our MotherShip, no? Went back and tried podcastalley, under comedy, but chose a reference! feed: Ask a Ninja: You got questions. Ninja got answers. (I learned about Salameanders and cutting off parts that don't grow back...).

So now I understand the best way to deal with problem customers.

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