Monday, November 3, 2008

JPL 2.0 #9: Finding Feeds

Poster available from

This exercise was really quite depressing, and this poster pretty much sums up my experience.

Bloglines' Search Tool seems reasonable enough--I searched "classical music" and immediately added a feed from the New York Times, and will likely add others using this tool.

Feedster wouldn't load. really made me nervous -- FOX has set a terrible precedent by distributing unverified opinion as "news" and the political posts that dominated Topix "most popular" stories seem only too eager to join this bandwagon. I'll stick with Reuters and NPR for credible news.

The seemingly indiscriminate nature of sources included in both Syndic8 and Technorati has no appeal to me. I'd rather find sources with some degree of accountability, or at least some that come recommended by folks whose judgement can be respected (e.g., visit some of JPL's Recommended Websites of particular interest and look for newsfeeds on them). There is too much chaff with the wheat for me to find these other sites very useful.

This is America and I do believe that everybody is entitled to an opinion. But really. So many bloggers try mightliy to disprove this. (Op.cit

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