Monday, November 3, 2008

JPL 2.0 exercise #8 : RSS & Newsfeeds

Why it's just like Christmas...

The initial set-up at Bloglines was a breeze (especially after viewing a couple of brief videoclips: RSS in Plain English and Adding Rss Feeds to Bloglines), and it was easy as pie to subscribe to blogs by whatever method presented itself.

But enabling the public sharing of my blogroll using the instructions included with both the JPL 2.0 post and from Bloglines was impossible for me on my own because there was never any mention that you must create a Bloglines user name separate from the email address used to sign in, or how to go about creating a Bloglines user name -- Refman Greg had to clue me into this or I never could have finished.

DO THIS: 1. Create your account at & login.
2. Once at, click on Account in the top right corner of the screen.
3. Click on Blog Settings
4. Make up and type in a new, unique username.
5. Next to Show my Blogroll, choose Yes, publish my Blogroll
6. Click on Save Changes

After doing this, the formula will work.

My blogroll may been seen at

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Anonymous said...

Ed, I give you UltraMega Points for figuring out the technique for creating a new User Name. Never has one had to go through so many steps to simply give themselves a name! You were a rescuer to me with your suggestion, in my dark hour... ^_^!!