Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Beginner's Guide to XHTML (ne HTML)

The brief (but pretty thorough, imho) introduction to basic HTML coding is available online: Ed's Guide to Beginning XHTML. It's a free online tutorial that at least can get you started (if anybody's still interested with all th wysiwyg page builders available...)

The thing is, most of the page builders will let you edit the html code so you can include things they don't have buttons for. If you know how.

Although it dates from a 2003 workshop for Jacksonville Public Library staff, the coding information is still current (despite some side references to Netscape browsers and IE6).

Ed's Guide to Beginning XHTML
Ed's Guide (Printable Version)
HTML Root, HEAD and BODY Tags
Basic Tags for Text Markup
Tags for Adding Links and Images
Tags for Adding Tables and Lists
"Core" Standard Attributes
Complete CSS Reference
Webpage Template
HTML Color Codes
Color Calculator
Character Entity References

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